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Our love for XBALM is at the core of how we came to own the business. Living in the mountains of Northern Utah, with its extreme temperatures, we found ourselves always in need of XBALM. Whether we were hitting the slopes or enjoying the lake we had to have XBALM with us at all times. After falling in love with XBALM as a consumer, we found it increasingly hard to find it in the marketplace. In pursuit of the product we loved, we eventually found ourselves purchasing the company. We can’t live without XBALM and we understand that it’s users feel the same way!
You live an amazing (and often extreme) life and XBALM is there to protect your lips while you live it! The activities you do and the elements you do them in require a lip balm that provides extreme protection! XBALM is the protection you need! Using XBALM lets you focus on the mountains you are climbing, oceans you are swimming, or the everyday activities you enjoy! XBALM’s extreme lip protection is waterproof, with SPF 15 UVA/UVB protection, and it contains Vitamin E and Aloe Vera and no PABA. XBALM is proud to say that we are MADE IN THE USA! Get Extreme! Get XBALM!